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Exact search through all your source repositories in milliseconds.


Cloud source repositories are great for pushing and pulling code. Without naming names, some can really suck be very bad.

“Remember there was that thing that was used once that did a sort of thing I need right now? What was it?” A few hundred milliseconds and you could have your answer. Stay in the flow. Get shit done.

Markdown READMEs are fantastic. If you’ve also been using them as a Wiki, you may have trouble finding what you know should be in there. Gitgrep searches Github wikis too. Need I say more?



Get answers in a fraction of the time, 99% of the time.

Quicklog combines the capabilities of distributed tracing with key application events. Instantly retrieve real-time events by application-defined key values. For exammple entering a user-id could list all the recent actions by a user, or entering a widget-id could show any activity related to a specific widget.